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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Maricopa County’s population jumped by nearly 74,000 in 2017—the most of any county in the nation. Greater Phoenix’s transportation and infrastructure investments and tax-incentive programs appear to be paying off in attracting corporate relocations, expansions, and jobs. The high-tech big-box industrial space used by…Read More »

Downtown Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row continues to attract developers, businesses

The Republic
Dec. 20, 2017

Boarded-up buildings and weed-filled vacant lots were the norm in metro Phoenix’s oldest historic neighborhood not too long ago.

Now, the 100-plus-year-old Roosevelt District in downtown Phoenix has evolved before our eyes into Roosevelt Row, one of the most popular neighborhoods in not only metro Phoenix but…Read More »

Gilbert’s Agritopia to start construction on ‘Epicenter’ urban core

The Republic
August 18, 2017

Gilbert’s Agritopia community already has hundreds of homes, a school, a senior-living center and a handful of niche restaurants and businesses.

But now, the agriculture-focused town-within-a-town is getting its own urban core — a nearly 20-acre “downtown” with five-story luxury apartments, Arizona-specific dining options and boutique retailers.

Johnston…Read More »

One of the ugliest stores in retail is crushing its competition

Business Insider
August 18, 2017

Ross Stores is breaking all the rules of traditional retail, and it has become an unstoppable force as a result.

Many of the retailer’s stores are messy and disorganized, with aisles of empty shelves and bare walls.

In some stores, the fitting rooms are “dirty,” the service…Read More »

Doing away with ‘dining al desko’

The Globe and Mail
Friday, May 26, 2017

If you’ve ever worked in an open office environment, you’ve likely found yourself set aback by the overpowering aroma of your colleagues’ food choices as they chow down at their desks. Tyler is digging into a bowl of kimchi and did…Read More »

Why Millennials Are (Partly) to Blame for the Housing Shortage

Laura Kusisto
The Wall Street Journal
May 22, 2017

In some of the country’s largest and most prosperous markets, such as New York, San Francisco, Boston and Los Angeles, housing construction has been stronger than normal in the urban core but weaker in the suburbs, where…

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3 new hotels in downtown Phoenix to bring hundreds of rooms

Brenna Goth
The Republic
May 20, 2017

Three big hotel chains are moving to downtown Phoenix, bringing hundreds of rooms into the urban core.

One opened a 19-story tower this month next to the city’s historic high-rises. Another is under construction down the street by Arizona State University’s downtown campus. And plans…Read More »

3 tech, Web companies adding 200-plus Scottsdale jobs

Joshua Bowling
The Republic
May 26, 2017

Valley residents looking for Silicon Valley-esque jobs might want to set their sights on Scottsdale.

In the next year, Scottsdale employers are looking to add more than 200 jobs as companies focused on tech and innovation migrate to the Valley of the Sun.

“There are a…Read More »

Viewpoints: The secret sauce that made downtown Phoenix vibrant

David Krietor is CEO of Downtown Phoenix, Inc.

Viewpoints: Few people thought the core of such a suburban city would ever survive. But today, it’s thriving.

To the surprise of many, downtown Phoenix is changing into a populated, diverse urban place at a pace unforeseen just a few years ago.

For decades, many…Read More »

May 16, 2012 Edition of Residential Focus

Report by Fletcher Wilcox
Real Estate Analyst for Grand Canyon Title Agency, Inc

May 16, 2012 Edition of Residential Focus

Inside This Report
· The Residential Market Has Changed
· Inventory Declining
· Sold prices rising
· Cash buyers and financing buyers compete for quickly declining supply of listings
· Low interest…Read More »

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