What weak first quarter growth means for June rate hike

Mortgage Insider
Author: Barry Habib

The major stock market indexes extended their gains with the S&P 500 Index and the Nasdaq Composite Index both reaching new all-time highs during the week. A mixture of diverse earnings reports, political events and economic news prompted investors to take a wait-and-see approach during the…Read More »

Hard Money is getting “Softer”

We are Arizona’s #1 Hard Money / Private Money Lender Since 1992

1-10 Year Terms
Low Fees

Kenwood Mortgage Investments is the most active Hard Money Lender for all types of commercial and residential investment property. With our unbeatable rates and terms, you’ll discover we’ve taken Hard…Read More »

Arizona economy set for higher growth in 2017

The Arizona Republic

Arizona’s economy is poised to grow a bit faster than the nation in 2017, though a potential U.S. trade war with Mexico could thwart that outlook.

That’s the summary view from BMO Capital Markets Economics, which in a new report sees Arizona’s economy growing 2.6 percent this year compared…Read More »

1-Minute Market Update: Q4 2016 Report

The Metro Phoenix office market’s health continues to improve. Net absorption (job growth) of 2.93 million SF mirrored 2015 figures, which helped push vacancy down to 18.6% (from 19.5% at the end of 2015). Overall, lease rates are higher than they were a year ago with a current average of…Read More »

Construction Financing

Investors and developers are finding it difficult to secure conventional construction financing. This difficulty is effectively keeping the oversupply from emerging in this real estate cycle. Bank regulators and new risk rules have enforced discipline on lending; thus, effectively slowing down development. Hard money lenders like Kenwood…Read More »

We believe in 2017

The current business cycle of 87 month’s duration is far longer than the average 58-month upturns since WWII. This is a mature phase of the cycle although cycles in the 1980s and 1990s saw growth phases of 92 and 120 months, respectively. We believe in 2017 we will…Read More »

Arizona’s Direct Hard Money Lender

Kenwood Mortgage Investments is the hard money lender Arizona trusts when it comes to satisfying a need for quick capital. For 25 years we have funded all types of loans for investment real estate by offering some of the quickest capital in the market. Our principals are long…Read More »

We are not shy…

We are not shy…

In its’ 25 years of funding hard money loans in Arizona, Kenwood Mortgage Investments has funded just about every type of hard money loan opportunity. What ever your requirement for hard money is, chances are great that Kenwood has more experience than any other lender….Read More »

Bridgeview Penthouse Condo

Kenwood provides the most competitive investment real estate Hard Money in Arizona. Some of the state’s most astute real estate investors call Kenwood because they recognize the time value of our money far exceeds the cost of funds. Real estate investors, Realtors and mortgage loan officers know that…Read More »

First position Arizona Trust Deeds

First position Arizona Trust Deeds (Deeds of Trust)

Kenwood Mortgage is all about quality underwriting, not high production numbers or chasing yields.

Kenwood is not your typical hard money lender. We only fund first position loans on highly marketable investment grade real estate at low loan to value ratios earning us…Read More »

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