First position Arizona Trust Deeds (Deeds of Trust)
Kenwood Mortgage Investments chases “Safety” not “Yield”


Current yield 8%, for the conservative investor

Kenwood is not your typical hard money lender. We only fund first position loans on highly marketable investment grade real estate at low loan to value ratios earning us the reputation as a “coupon clipper” rather than a “yield chaser”. Our interest rates and fees are set to attract only what we consider to be the safest deed of trust opportunities available. Since 1992, Kenwood Mortgage Investments principals and underwriters have invested millions of their own personal funds in the very loans they underwrite. Few of our competitors can make the same claim. If you have experience with deeds of trust investing in Arizona and have a genuine appreciation for quality loan underwriting, then you should get to know us.

This page of our website is not designed to educate you about Arizona trust deed investing nor is it an offer to sell investments. Instead, we encourage you to contact Randy or Mark to discuss your interest and let us answer any questions you may have.

We are proud of our 22 year history in the business and look forward to sharing it with you.