Single Family Investment

$90,000 loan on this free and clear Maricopa investment property. Out of state owner needed cash out to acquire another investment property in his home state of Colorado. From loan application to funding, this loan closed in less than one week.

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$95,000 San Tan Valley, Rental

Out of state buyer had been making multiple offers on various properties with each contract written “subject to financing”, only to lose every time to cash buyers. This time he tried a different tact by making the offer “subject to private financing by Kenwood Mortgage Investments”. 24…Read More »

$88,000 Purchase in Surprise, AZ

Short sale in the last three years precluded conventional financing. In less than one week from the initial phone call, Kenwood funded this loan with a fixed rate, 30 due in 5 term.

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$442,000 Loan to LLC

At the peak of the market, this 6,000+ sf home in North Phoenix was built at a cost of over $2,000,000. So when it recently came on the market at the discounted price of just below $1,000,000 our borrower knew there was no time for traditional financing and…Read More »

$175,000 Investment SFR, Out of State Buyer

The moment ink was put to the contract, higher full cash offers started pouring in on this well located North Phoenix home. The mortgage banker quickly realized his client could not risk the uncertainty of traditional financing and immediately called Kenwood. Within minutes of inspecting the property we…Read More »

$125,000 Fix and Flip

Loan to LLC. borrower purchased this North Phoenix property with all cash at the Trustee Sale, then turned to Kenwood to finance the rehab. Our no prepayment penalty loan and extended loan term gave him the opportunity to sell the property for a quick profit or hold for a longer…Read More »

Historic Prescott, AZ

Tenant improvement funds for historic and beautiful Balentine Building “On The Square” in downtown Prescott.

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$125,000 Purchase, Glendale

This 700+ score borrower sat in escrow for 4 months while his broker looked for conventional financing, then he switched to a different broker who made his first call Kenwood. Loan approved on Monday and funded on Friday.

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$110,000 Yuma, with a View

Non-owner occupied, free and clear, grade ‘A’ borrower. Cash utilized to pay off a partner and acquire another investment property.

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$150,000 Purchase

Meritage at Cortile, Goodyear.

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Throw a Couple of Rentals on the Barbie!

Australian national buying two investment SFR’s from a local wholesaler. He was putting 50% down so naturally had our attention. Without an appraisal, we personally inspected the properties and determined he was paying below retail, drafted loan docs and closed in 48 hours. The borrower titled the properties in Arizona…Read More »

Lear Jet Deal

High quality free and clear real estate was just the collateral Kenwood needed to provide last minute funding to add this Lear-45 to an existing fleet. Even though Kenwood is exclusively a real estate lender, our borrowers enjoy the benefit of having no strings attached when the funds…Read More »

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