Good Morning, Mark –

I just wanted to thank you, Randy and your partners once more. I truly enjoy speaking and working with you.

– Lisa


“Kenwood Mortgage is an amazing family owned business with exceptional professionalism. They have closed loans for my customers and always have been top notch. What they present is what they provide. Always on time and excellent service. I highly recommend this company as they are very trustworthy, honest, fast and efficient. I have had the pleasure to work with them for over 8 years, and know they will always be there for lending needs for my clients.”

– Connie M.


“My father has been investing my trust money with Mark Speno of Kenwood Mortgage for the last 2 years. it has been a very profitable and pleasant relationship. i, along with my father Ron, highly recommend Kenwood as a vehicle for any of your investment needs.”

– Hayley T.


“The professional service at Kenwood Mortgage is A+ Rating! Randy, Rose, Mark and Tiffany are true professionals! They have closed loans for my customers when other lenders have failed. You need a mortgage loan, with fast professional service do yourself a favor and call Kenwood Mortgage!”

– Wayne T.


“I’ve worked with Kenwood Mortgage on a number of deals. They are fast, efficient, and ethical. I have never had to wait on a deal to go through, or deal with issues with lost paperwork or hidden fees as I have with other mortgage companies. I will do business with them again.”

– Eric B.


“Kenwood Mortgage is a family owned business and have been doing hard money loans for years. They are the best!”

– Liz L.


“It has been a great pleasure to work with Kenwood mortgage. Randy and Mark helped, guided, and loaned me money to buy my first house. Well, they trusted me with my payment plans and loaned me the money, Thanks to them, I bought my first house, then the second house, after a year they loaned me to buy the third house and finally, I bought my 4th investment property through Kendwood mortgage. I owe it to them. Local bank denies me due to high DTI but Kenwood mortgage trusted my abilities to pay off my loans. After 5 years, 3 of my properties are paid off. and I am working with Kenwood mortgage to pay off my 4th house. Special thanks to Mark and Randy. I owe it to you for helping me built my big idea. Way to go Kenwood Mortgage and Special thanks to Mark and Randy for the job well done. When I decide to buy my 5th house, I know Kenwood Mortgage will be there for me and I am thankful to Randy and Mark in trusting me.”

– Farzad D.


“Mark, It was great working with you, for your quick response and excellent service”

– Duane G.


“Reliable and trustworthy lender. The only hard $ lender I recommend to other agents!”

– Joseph L.


“Randy and Tiffany, I just wanted to give a big thank you to both of you for making the Mesa purchase such an easy and hassle-free experience. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

– Larry C.


“Just an up-date of the job progress. Couldn’t have pulled this off without your help. Thanks again”

– John R.


“We would like to know if we could work with you again based upon our past project performance… You were so helpful the last time and again we want to express our appreciation for guiding us through our second project.”

– P.A.


“I take pride in my established reputation of moving quickly and efficiently for clients who are competing in the Phoenix Metropolitan real estate market. Kenwood Mortgage Investments provided a 24 hour funding on a fix and flip when other lenders wanted a week or more. Success requires working with a lender who operates the way I do, Kenwood is that lender.”

– John H.


“The rapid expansion of Impact Church required transitional capital that would prepare us for the construction of our new campus in Scottsdale. Kenwood is a local lender who understands the direction of our ministry as well as the future value of our operations and closed the loan in record time.”

– Andre W.


“The team at Kenwood Mortgage helped me seize a discount on a time sensitive business opportunity. They brought the experience and resources to the table that made everything seamless. That allowed me to focus on what I do best, bringing high caliber insurance services to my community.”

– Mickey C.


“Debbie and I would like to thank you for all your efforts in helping us close on our house. Your patience and fortitude with both us and the Title Company is truly appreciated. Here’s to the beginning of a very profitable business relationship for us all!”

– Pam A.


“Thank you for all your help in getting us our loan so quickly. Much appreciated!”

– Gloria D.


“At the last minute, my conventional lender failed to perform and I had 24 hours to close or lose my large earnest money deposit.  I called Kenwood and that very day they drove to Coolidge, inspected the property and we closed on time.  Kenwood is terrific and I would use them again and again!”

– Rick J. Pierre, South Dakota


From:  Charles S…  “Greg, do you know any hard money lenders you can refer me to?”

Reply:  Greg S…. “The best in town (highest in integrity) is Randy Perssons.  It’s Kenwood Mortgage in Scottsdale 480.783.8800″

– Greg S.


Randy is the sole reason for me being able to get back on my feet so quickly post bankruptcy, providing me the financial boost that I needed to get me into my current situation.

– Don S.


Randy, you are one in a million!  I will always be grateful for your act of kindness. Thanks for giving me a helping hand and treating me with dignity.

– S.P.


I’ve been in real estate sales and management my entire career and have lately been on a run to acquire discounted investment properties.  Last week I was left standing at the altar by a hard money lender offering unrealistically low rates and fees and with no time to spare I called Kenwood.  That same day they inspected the property, issued a loan commitment and funded the same week.  Now we’re working on loans 2 & 3 because they deliver on time and exactly as promised.

– Eric N.


We have a successful jet charter business and had an opportunity to acquire another aircraft but had to move fast. We called Mark Speno and Randy Persson and they underwrote an investment property that our principal owned and funded a cash out refinance within days. Very smooth ride with Mark and Randy.  I recommend them to anyone requiring quick real estate financing.

– Frank P.


I want to say thank you to all the staff at Kenwood Mortgage. Randy, Rose and Mark made my loan transaction seem effortless. From the first phone call I made to Kenwood to the closing of my loan it was seamless. They were all very knowledgeable, efficient and professional in dealing with me. Private Money lenders sometimes get a bad rap but these guys are top notch. They will always be my first call on any of my real estate transactions. Thanks again for a job well done and can’t wait for the next one.

– Brian


Randy, I called five different lenders before calling you. You definitely had the best terms and now that the deal is closed I can say the best service as well.  My client is extremely happy.

– Kenny


I called Randy and Rose at 11:00am and needed a loan that day by 2:00pm to preserve my right to purchase a piece of property I had under construction.  Rose typed the docs, Randy got in his car and inspected the property and wired the funds to the seller—and we closed by 1:30 that afternoon!!  They dropped everything and saved me.  What can I say—they are terrific.

– Charley


Randy worked closely with me and my real estate agent to purchase an investment property in Scottsdale and even with us being in Canada, all went smoothly and we closed the transaction on time.  Jessica, Randy and Rose’s assistant, prepared the docs and she is a gem.

– Jon


Randy is not a traditional banker.  He really cares about me growing my business.  He’s always available for advice and feedback about new projects and the development of the current sites.

– Skip