Docs signed on the hood of a car

Kenwood Mortgage Investmebts

Being in the hard money/private money business, sometimes
you come out of a phone booth wearing a cape.

April has been no exception:

Investor from New Zealand only in town for a few days needed a quick
cash out loan on his free and clear rental in Glendale. This had to happen
so fast that we arranged for escrow to meet him at the Phx airport just
before checking in for his departure flight.

Loan documents were signed (literally) on the hood of the car.

Kenwood Mortgage Investments is the most active
Hard Money Lender for all types of commercial and
residential investment property.

With our unbeatable rates and terms, you’ll discover
we’ve taken Hard Money into the “Soft” category.

Call us with your next “Soft Money” loan request and discover
just how competitive we can be, we’d love to hear from you.

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Kenwood Mortgage Investments, Inc.
7950 East Redfield Road #110
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260


Office: (480) 783-8800
Fax: (480) 783-8808

MB # 13866 | NMLS # 170223

Kenwood Mortgage Investments

Kenwood Mortgage Investments

7950 East Redfield Road #110
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

AZ: (480) 783-8800
Fax: (480) 783-8808

MB #13866 | NMLS #170223

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