I want to welcome you to Kenwood Mortgage Investments. We are a 26 year old family mortgage company that makes real estate loans that the banks or traditional lenders don’t do, or they don’t do fast enough. Think of Kenwood as a reliable source for $50,000 to $5,000,000 by Friday.

Sometimes we really do work that fast, and we’ve been doing it for more than 26 years. Now, we compete with banks, but when the value of speed and certainty outweigh the cost of funds, then Kenwood is the lender for you.

What we do is known in the industry as hard money, some call it private money. And while it may seem that we only do one thing, you might be surprised by just how diversified our appetite for loans are.

At Kenwood, we finance all types of investment real estate including, residential, commercial, construction and even land. Once we get our arms around a property’s value and believe the borrower has a viable plan for success, we’re going to offer to make that loan and we close most of our loans within 24 to 48 hours of receiving a preliminary title report.

While we finance just about every type of investment real estate, we also fund loans for just about every type of borrower as well. We’ve made loans not just to individuals, but to LLC’s, corporations, trusts, partnerships, you name it. We can also make loans secured by multiple properties in order to maximize the loan amount.

We invite you to spend time on our website to get further acquainted with who we are, if you have a transaction that needs funding now, the best thing to do is just call us in Arizona at (480) 783-8800. You’ll be talking with a principal decision maker and within just a couple minutes of our first conversation we should be able to chart a path for how to get your transaction closed, quickly.

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