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The Great Arizona Housing Shortage

Housing construction has lagged demand in the years since the Great Recession, with single-family housing starts in particular declining in the last decade despite a...

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Top 3 Reasons To Use Hard Money

June 8, 2021

The smart way to make your real estate deals a success! Speed A hard money loan from Kenwood can close more quickly than traditional loans....

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How To use hard money to grow your real estate business

January 29, 2021

Using hard money to grow your real estate business is a broad subject because it can add significant profit to your bottom line no matter...

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Hard Money Myths

Hard money myths… have you heard any good ones lately? There’s just a few of them out there.  Today let’s just take two of my...

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Hard Money Is Cash

October 30, 2020

To get to the front of the line on that next investment property you need to make an all cash offer. And guess what, hard...

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Hard Money Hack

October 16, 2020

Congratulations, with all your experience and negotiating skills you’ve just tied up a great investment property. And in a sellers market, like we have today,...

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R.O.I. Real State – Commercial Newsletter- June 2020

July 2, 2020

While the challenges are numerous, the Valley has significant advantages over other metro areas, which will lead to a stronger and quicker recovery—since the current...

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R.O.I. Real State – Residential Newsletter- June 2020

This year’s wild ride is not over yet. From May to June 2020, the supply-demand index reversed course and rose nearly as fast as it...

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Rent Collections in Uncertain Times

June 8, 2020

As the economic fallout from COVID-19 continues, more than 40 million Americans have now filed for unemployment since March. For each of the past 10...

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R.O.I. Real State – Residential Newsletter- May 2020

From April to May 2020, the supply-demand index continued to decline. It appears to have stabilized over the past week, but is still fluctuating. There...

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