Mark here with Kenwood mortgage investments. So you need land financing. We do it even at a time when many banks, including our competitors avoid it. We actually like lending on land. The trick is understanding value and marketability, which is always unique to the property and its location. Now sometimes land parcels don’t have an address assigned to it yet. So, it’s important that you give us a tax parcel number or the APN. Other important factors that support land value besides location are can be it’s access to things like utilities, power, water, and sewer. Sometimes one or more of those are absent, which is okay, but we need to know because they affect value in our ability to maximize a loan amount, to keep the process easy. And you can tell us more by completing Kenwood’s quick quote form right here on this page and hitting the “Get Approved” button. You can also call us at the number on this page and ask for Randy or myself. Thanks for checking us out, we look forward to working with you.

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