To get to the front of the line on that next investment property you need to make an all cash offer.

And guess what, hard money IS cash.

It’s just not your cash. But it’s perceived as being just as good because a hard money lender who’s got it all in one sock can have loan docs to escrow within 24 hours of getting a preliminary title report. Of my 25 years in the business, I’ve never witnessed a seller, who was expecting an all cash closing, turn their nose up at escrow because hard money was used for the acquisition.

They just didn’t want to be delayed by the one party who is historically notorious for holding things up… a traditional lender.

When you write up your offer, mention that it’s going to be “all cash or hard money”. If the sellers real estate agent has been around a while he or she knows your financing is not going to be subject to all the typical deal killers like: a third party appraisal, verification of income, verification of employment, tax returns. We really don’t care much about those. Usually, the only documentation we want from you is the completion of our short two page loan application and a copy of the purchase contract.

Just those two items alone give us just about all the information we need to make a decision you can count on. Of course we’ll pull our own comps and do a quick walkthrough of the property but then we’re done. We’ve been doing this a long time and believe me, there is no need for a big thick loan file full of information that has nothing to do with loan safety. We think the way you do. We move fast because you move fast. If you’re looking for a great hard money lending partner we’d love to hear from you.

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