Using hard money to grow your real estate business is a broad subject because it can add significant profit to your bottom line no matter what side of the business you’re on.  You might be a Realtor, Buyer, Developer, Investor, Banker, Broker, Escrow, Title, Lender, Attorney, if your business touches any aspect of the real estate industry sooner or later a hard money loan is going to grease a transaction in which you’re getting paid.  I know this because we’ve been funding hard money loans for more than 25 years.   Working with countless professionals on every side of the transaction who recognized when it was time to bring in a Fast Funding Professional.  Maybe you’re an escrow officer watching a deal fall apart and you understand better than anyone that nobody is going to get paid and the earnest money deposit is going to be the subject of a stick fight if someone doesn’t step in with cash quick (we get lots of calls from escrow officers).  Maybe you’re a buyers agent who secured a discounted investment opportunity for your client who’s now become the embodiment of denial relying on the false promise of 30-year conventional money to fund his 5-unit fix and flip that’s being taking in the name of an LLC… two of the units are vacant… leases on the other three have expired…but hey, it’s still a smoking deal and you know it, so you call us.  I can go on all day long with these examples, but you get the point.    You don’t need to be an expert on hard money before you can use it or recommend it to your client.  You just have to know we exist and be willing to invest 60 seconds in a phone conversation with our office to explore the possibilities. That’s it.  Our phone number is on the screen and we’re not hard to find.  Give Kenwood a call, we’d love to talk about your next transaction.
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