Housing construction has lagged demand in the years since the Great Recession, with single-family housing starts in particular declining in the last decade despite a continuously growing population. With interest rates at historic lows and savings at all time highs buyer demand is at peak levels all across the country but particularly high here in Maricopa county the fastest growing county in the country.

Housing in the US has not been able to keep up with buyer demand over the past decade

Is it time to build?

The data shows that in the years leading up 2007, there was more home construction than there was demand. This led to a housing bubble and a financial crisis. After this period, it seems the US has had the opposite problem, where there is buyer demand but not enough new homes are being built.

We can help you go vertical

You’re ready to go vertical now and the bank is still asking you a bunch of neurotic questions that have nothing to do with loan safety. How do I know this? Because for more than 30 years we have been funding ground up construction loans and construction loans for unfinished projects for builders like you, who just want to build. Time wasted digging up reams of unnecessary documentation for someone in a board room back east who has never even built a house before can be frustrating.

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